The Latest Finance News That You Need to Know About

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Finance news needs to be understood and examined to be cautious and well aware of how the economy will shape in the future. Due to that, if you plan on ignoring the same, you will be clueless about the way ahead and how to manoeuvre your investments in the right manner. So go ahead and read more about the latest finance news that the world seems to be talking about.

Tesla and Bitcoin

Elon Musk is back in the news as his car firm Tesla has invested about $1.5bn in Bitcoin. Yes, you heard that right. The American electric vehicle manufacturer has caused a jump in the price of Bitcoin, and the rise is said to be around 17%. As a result, the investment is not a huge one but also a new record that was made by Tesla as a move to maximize its returns on cash. The move comes after Mr. Musk added “#bitcoin” to his Twitter page and drove up the price to a considerable extent.

With updated investment policy and other aspects, Tesla seems to be heading in a unique direction.

The Downfall of the European Markets

European Markets

The European markets seem to be flat again despite global gains coming in from all sectors. While the market did master a positive trend that was visible in the Asian and American markets, it failed to get things going and reach a considerable point that would fire things up for the better. As Wall Street looked to hold on to gains from February, the same did not make anything better for the European market. With Covid-19, vaccination, and other factors coming into the mix, one will have to wait and watch to see how it shapes things in the future.

UK’s Trade Deals

With the announcement of a free trade deal between the European Union (EU) and the UK coming into the picture from 1 January 2021, people looked into the UK’s trade deals to better understand the same. Apart from the European Union, the UK also trades with Singapore, Japan, and a bunch of other countries that know how to take things forward. Since trade is an aspect that goes ahead to cause effects, one can expect the same to be visible even in Banbury business.


From Tesla to trade deals, finance news is all around the corner, and one should be able to explore the same to the fullest. Since these aspects tend to affect each one of us in one way or the other, it is essential to make a note of the effects. But to gain a better understanding of the same, you need to go ahead and analyze the same in the right manner.


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