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It's BACK! What would you spend £5,000 on? If it's officially a White Christmas round here in 2012, we'll pay someone in our 'Snowflake' draw an incredible £5,000 - and the odds are pretty good! The official definition of a White Christmas is a single snowflake falling at an official Met Office observation site (the nearest is on the roof of Birmingham Bull Ring Shopping Centre, so a flake would need to fall there) - so that single flake could earn you £5,000!

Even if it doesn't snow, we'll pay someone who's entered our 'Noflake' draw £1,000! To enter, either text SNOWFLAKE (if you think it will snow) or NOFLAKE (if you think it won't) to 87474. Texts cost £1.50 plus one standard text - you can enter both draws as many times as you wish.

Alternatively, you can enter the competition for free by clicking one of the links below.
  • Five Day Forecast Five Day Forecast

    Check the weather for the next five days and see if it's going to snow

  • Met Office Met Office

    Visit the official Met Office White Christmas page to see the definition of a White Christmas and read some of the traditions

  • City College Coventry City College Coventry

    City College Coventry is a vibrant, exciting College based in the heart of the City with a range of courses starting in the New Year - click here to find out more

  • Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

    Read the terms and conditions which apply to all entries to the Five Grand Snowflake competition

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